Hunt Wyoming!

2012 Buck
Located in the heart of Wyoming’s best hunting, 5K outfitters is dedicated to provide the hunt of a lifetime — at a price you can afford. 5K outfitters offers top quality hunts for Mule Deer, Elk, Black Bear, and Moose. Non-Residents are required to draw these tags – but Elk, Deer, and Black Bear tags can typically be drawn almost every year.

We hunt the best country in Wyoming. Our Mule Deer hunting in Wyoming’s famous Region G has long been known for monster bucks, and our elk hunting is fantastic as well. It is the perfect mix of opportunity and trophy quality.

Mule DeerHere at 5K outfitters, we operates on a “Day Use” permit, which allows our hunters a unique hunting opportunity that is much different than other guided hunts in the state of Wyoming. Our special “Day Use” qualification allows us to cover more areas than traditional outfitters. We typically stay in comfortable and warm hotels each night, leaving early to get to the trailhead sometimes before 4 in the morning so we can be watching the perfect spot as the sun comes up from behind the peaks of the Salt River or Grey’s River Mountains.

Give us a call today to schedule your “Hunt of a Lifetime!” We’ll work hard to provide you the best experience possible! (307) 880-0501