Western Wyoming Elk Hunting

We offer great elk hunts in western Wyoming in the Salt River and Greys River areas. These units can be hunted on Wyoming’s General Elk License as well as additional opportunities on a few unit specific licenses.  We hunt in elk units 88, 89, 90 and 91. Our elk numbers are very high, and have not been affected by wolves like the herds near Jackson Hole have. We will see elk on a daily basis. Bulls exceeding 350″ B&C are killed on a yearly basis in our hunting areas, with the majority of mature bulls being closer to 300″ B&C.

World Class Archery Hunts!

We offer archery hunts during the peak of the rut in September that provide an exciting hunt with extremely high success rates. Our hunts run the month of September and provide opportunities to hunt elk during all phases of the rut.

Rifle hunts start in early October and run through early November. We also offer a unique opportunity for late season cow harvest. See our hunts and price list for more information about each hunt and our seasons/applications page for application periods and season dates.

Our clients enjoy a great elk hunt with good opportunity, beautiful country, and a trip of a lifetime!

Here are a few elk taken in our area over the past few seasons.